The WIM Mentorship Program

The WIM Mentorship Program partners HBA1 students with HBA2/3 mentors from a wide variety of industry backgrounds, allowing them the opportunity to gain valuable experience, and advice for academic and career development.

The first year of Ivey unequivocally marks a milestone in many people’s lives; it is our goal that mentors can make the transition to Ivey easier for HBA1 students by providing valuable tips and insights from their own time in HBA1 through social events and individual meetings.

What sets the WIM Mentorship Program apart from other mentorship programs available to HBA1s is the pairing of female mentees with female mentors, giving mentors the opportunity to share their uniquely female experiences. The ultimate goal of the WIM Mentorship Program is to establish a strong network of future female business leaders to support each other's development and champion each other's successes.

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Our Bucketlist

Activities for Mentors and Mentees to do together over the 2018-2019 year!