The third annual Women in Management conference was held at the Ivey Business School on November 16th-17th, 2018. This year’s theme, Soar, challenged delegates to tap into their full potential through personal and professional development. To soar is to learn to rise on the threshold of unknown worlds. Likewise, delegates benefited from engaging workshops, inspiring speeches, and strategic career planning sessions. This was the first year external delegates were invited, and young women from eight schools joined our fellow HBA’s in being inspired to reach their goals.


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The second annual Women in Management Conference was held at the Ivey Business School on November 18th, 2017. Our theme, "Amplify: Claim Your Voice" encouraged our HBA and MSc delegates to raise their voices about the issues, opinions and thoughts that are enmeshed in their personal and professional development. Our delegates asked questions, developed skills, and connected with one another to explore their potential and use their voices for the better. More broadly, Amplify celebrated the progress of women in business and acknowledge the challenges that still lie ahead.


Conference Team 2017

Conference Co-Chair

Cassidy Ishmael

Sponsorship Coordinator

Emma Guimaraes


Jessica Zhang

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Conference Co-Chair

Jennika Gragtmans


Sydney Grice

Creative Director

Mia Filippini


WIM Conference 2016

The inaugural Women in Management Conference took place at the Ivey Business School on November 12th, 2016. We used the theme "Momentum: Inspiring drive and development," to inspire our delegates to build personal momentum in striving for their personal and career goals. As part of this theme, we hosted a diverse group of speakers and sponsors from various industries to share their different perspectives. This year’s Conference will build on Momentum and carry forward the same values and mission to inspire.

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2016 Conference Team


Conference Co-Chair

Alexandra Lee

Sponsorship Coordinator

Tiffany Kwok


Rachael DiMenna

Conference Co-Chair

Victoria Lin


Iman Mohamed

Speakers Coordinator

Laura Sawchuk